Sarah Brandolino
Supreme Elf of the Sun


Bows, Swords and Sabers






Mt. Zuule

Element Affinity:


Sarah Brandolino is an Elf from Mt. Zulle in the Laxius Force series.


Sarah has a prominent role in the Laxius Force Saga. Like her boyfriend Random Pendragon, she also appears first as a playable character in the Laxius Power trilogy as well as in 3 Stars of Destiny. Sarah is a versatile spellcaster talented in both healing and damaging spells. Her class "Elf of the Sun" also allows her to use the spell Sun Boomer Attack. Sarah is able to evolve in different classes throughout the series - please see the gallery below.


Sarah is evolves into a powerful fighter/spellcaster as the series progresses.  Initially weak, she develops a wide variety of buffs, debuffs, and damaging spells.  She can equip a wide variety of weapons and will likely become one of the most valuable characters for her versatility.


  • Sarah evolves her Elf of the Sun class first to Half-Angle then to War Angel of the Sun, gaining new and powerful abilities each time. Her spells as a Half-Angel are dependent upon wearing the Half-Angel Armor.
  • Sarah's element affinity begins as Water.

Skill Progression:

Initial stats for spells are shown.  As with all skills, the power and effects change as the character levels.

Level Requirement Skill Learned Power
Starting Skill Heal Pw 60 Healing | MN100%, Var10%
3 Spriggan Calling Pw 10 Earth | Good Vs. Reptile | ST20%, MD80%, PD40%, MD35%, Var15%
6 Emerald Laser Pw 29 Fire/Laser | Good Vs Ghost/Dragon/Insect/Robot | Infl. Fragmentation | St10%, MD90%, MD75%, Var10%
9 Nymphea Party Pw 18 Water | Good Vs Bird | Infl. Poison | ST20%, MD80%, MD75%, Var20%
10 Attack Up Infl. Weapon H-Boost
11 Antidote Rem. Poison
13 Warm Touch Rem. Cold
15 Lightning Speed Infl. Light Speed
16 Noxodox Curse Pw 85 Dark | Good Vs Mammal | Infl. Pox | St25%, MD75%, PD20%, MD55%, Var15%
19 Revive Rem. Exhaustion
20 Oni Pw 96 Earth/Weapon | Good Vs Mammal/Orc/Dragon | Infl. Ground Lock | ST25%, MD75%, PD50%, MD25%, Var22%
21 Aura Pw 50 Healing | MN100%, Var15%
24 Mass Enchantment Rem. Poison/Venom/Plague
25 Element Shield Infl. Fire/Water/Earth/Air Resis.
26 Hyper Attack Pw 212 Weapon | Good ??? | Infl. Fragmentation, AT40%, STR60%, SP60%, PD50%, Var22%
28 Pituite Calling Pw 143 Ice | Good Vs Demon/Reptile | Infl. Ice Jail | MD100%, MD75%, Var30%
34 Phoenix Revive Pw 150 Healing | Rem. Exhaustion
35 Defense Up Infl. Armor H-Boost
42 Sun Boomer Pw 416 Fire/Laser | Good Vs Dragon/Demon | Infl. Shatter/Burn | RS25%,

MD100%, MD75%, Var15%

Learned in Komre Tigo Pearl Refining Change Pearls into items.