Animal, Cockatrix



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Cocka-Cocka is a cockatrix, still an egg in a nest at the entrance of Metrolia Ruins. Random causes him to hatch from his egg.


Cocka-Cocka may be the first character that joins Random and Sarah in the beginning of Laxius Force. His nest can be collected in the entrance of the Metrolia Ruins and by combining with the Feather Matress found later on the game, he will hatch and Cocka-Cocka joins the party.


Cocka-Cocka starts very weak and may die often due to low HP and Resistance. Once he passes through a few evolutions and earns a few beak upgrades he starts to shine. He grows to be extremely fast and will almost always attack first. His normal attacks are strong and sometimes can affect enemies that other party members can't. He also learns powerful spells like Fire Storm and Rock! Rock!.


  • Cocka-Cocka is the first optional character that you may find in the Laxius Force series.
  • Cocka-Cocka gains new equipment and changes form according to his level, see his evolution below.
  • Cocka-Cocka's element affinity is Water.

Skill Progression

Initial stats for skills are shown.  As with all skills, the power and effects evolve as the character levels.

Level Requirement Skill Learned Power
7 Cocka Heal Pw 15 | Var45%
18 Awful Song Infl. Wrath/Fear
30 Ding Dong Infl. Haste
48 Rock! Rock! Pw 476 Earth
57 2-Hits! 2 Physical Attacks
61 Fire Storm Pw 600 Fire/Air
71 Chirp! Chirp! (Cacao)
73 Cacao Heal (Cacao) Pw 100
76 Bum Bum (Cacao) Pw 414 ???
80 Triumph Call (Cacao)
91 Colours! Colours! (Cacao) Pw 638 Holy/Water

Evolution Progression

Level Requirement Evolution
11 Cocka-Cocka Beak
17 Cocka Wings
24 Cocka Rings
28 Cacao Beak
30 6 Levels and evolves to Adult Cockatrix
38 233 SP and Feather Robe
42 Cock Beak
56 174 HP
70 156 MN and evolves to Elder Cockatrix
75 Cocker Beak
82 62 MP
85 13 MP
88 22 MP