Alexander Xander
Arch Mage


Staves, Maces, Axes and Spears







Alexander is a powerful magician who is also part of the Xander bloodline, which means that he's also a member of the Dretanian royal family. He is the uncle of Julian Xander, the king of Adretana.


Alexander a.k.a. Xander or Xander Squared, is known for travelling to a lot of places gathering powerful warriors in order to destroy the temples of the Order. He joins the Laxius Force when he arrives at Adretana and meet Random at the third chapter of Laxius Force III with their companions Adon and Seiman.


Alexander has a big arsenal of powerful spells, that can strike all enemies at once.  He is hampered by his low speed and MP expensive spells.  When equiped to compensate for these weaknesses he is an invaluable ally.

Spell Progression

Xander starts off at level 36.

Level Requirement Spell Learned Power
Starting Spell Shock Wave 151 Air
Starting Spell Mind Possession Infl. Helloism
Starting Spell Army of the Dead 251 Rem. Exhaustion
Starting Spell Curse of the Swamp 124 Water/Earth/Dark/Human
Starting Spell Bene-Gazr 68 Dark Healing
Starting Spell Oblivion Ground 186 Ice/Earth
Starting Spell Hearts of Honor 253 Legend/Weapon
Starting Spell 1001 Dark Slashes 265 Dark/Weapon
Starting Spell Canceling Rem. Battle Boosts
Starting Spell Scorching Rain 313 Fire
Starting Spell Glacial Coffin 287 Ice
Starting Spell Solstice Light 315 Thunder
Starting Spell Ground Implosion 316 Earth
Starting Spell Tidal Wave 328 Water
Starting Spell Oxygen Burst 325 Air
Starting Spell Mind Holocaust 351 Mind
44 Blades of Xen Slashing 275 Weapon
48 Royal Iceberg 350 Ice/Water
50 Days of Destruction 375 Fire/Thunder
53 Gravity Inversion 398 Earth/Air
56 Days of Punishment 424 Mind/Weapon
62 AXA 484 ???
69 Anti Noma

508 ???

79 Gamaeon

591 ???